When camping in a dispersed camping area, here are some tips to follow:

Camp in an existing dispersed campsite. Do not create new roads or campsites and do not cause resource damage.

Limit parking to bare and compacted areas.

Camp 150 feet from lakes, streams and trails. Dispose of wash water 100 feet from any water source. Bury human waste in a hole 6 inches deep and 200 feet away from any water source, trail or campsite.

Pack out toilet paper, tampons and leftover food.

Do not damage trees and plants by cutting with axes or hatchets and don’t dig up plants.

Stay on the trails. Cutting switchbacks and avoiding wet and muddy sections can cause erosion and multiple paths.

Keep dogs leashed and clean up after your pet.

Keep campfires small and limited to evening and early morning. Build in an existing fire ring at least 100 feet from water. Avoid having fires above treeline. Collection of dead and downed wood for immediate campfire use is allowed except in posted sites. And be sure your fire is dead out. Check with the local authorities on fire restrictions before assuming campfires can be lit.