Gold Rush Days

From left to right, Paul Cogeos and Apache, Andrew Knutson with Crazy Horse and George Zack runs Jack at the 2017 Gold Rush Days in Buena Vista.

Even as Colorado’s summer heritage sport of burro racing continues to enjoy more popularity with growing events and competitors, the Western Pack Burro Racing Ass-ociation’s Triple Crown is still decided in Buena Vista.

With the sport’s 2019 major events, the 71st World Championship in Fairplay at the end of July and Leadville’s 71st Boom Days race at the start of August, Buena Vista’s 46th Gold Rush a week later, there’s added excitement if one of the teams has conquered the first two.

And it happens — now and then.

The Fairplay course heads out of town, topping out at Mosquito Pass, and returns, making for a grueling 29 miles.

Over in Leadville, a similar event covers 21 miles.

Then it’s down to Buena Vista, where runners and their teammate burros compete over 13 miles.

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