Top of Marshall Pass

ATV riders stop and celebrate at the Continental Divide on top of Marshall Pass. The trail up there is an easy ride for any off-road vehicle.

Marshall Pass

Description: A popular trail and old road and railroad route between Chaffee County and Gunnison, Marshall Pass is an easy trip for all ages. It is not only an off-road trail but also is used by hikers and bikers. On the way up, stop by O’Haver Lake for fishing, camping and picnicking, plus some pretty amazing views. There are pit bathrooms at the top, along with a sign recognizing the Continental Divide. From the top there is access to the Continental Divide Trail, or travelers can continue on to Gunnison or take FR 203 back down, which is much rougher and more challenging but offers access to creeks and beaver ponds off the beaten path for fishermen.

Directions: Head south from Poncha Springs on U.S. 285 and turn right onto CR 200. From there, follow the signs.

Difficulty: A mostly graded gravel road, with some small rocky areas. Easy enough to hike and bike; any vehicle with sturdy tires and above-average clearance can make the drive.

Ute Trail

Description: Ute Trail takes travelers through Aspen Ridge, Bassam Park and Castle Park. It also goes through the old Turret ghost town and past several mines. Multiple trails are available that more adventurous drivers can take off the main route.

Directions: Take CR 175 north of Salida and follow the Ute Trail along the east side of Browns Canyon National Monument.

Difficulty: A simple to moderate trail, much of it on existing county roads.

Tincup Pass

Description: Another trail that will take you up to the top of the Continental Divide, Tincup runs between the ghost towns of St. Elmo and Tincup. Like Marshall Pass, this trail can be used by hikers and bikers as well.

Directions: Take CR 162 off U.S. 285 between Salida and Nathrop. Follow the signs when you reach the St. Elmo ghost town.

Difficulty: This is a fairly easy drive with some moderate difficulty. Suitable for higher-clearance, four-wheel-drive vehicles with low-range gearing.